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Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats (RPSCRB)

Course Description

PSCRB Updating ( Refresher PSCRB) is a 1 day Refresher course.Under the STCW 2010 requirements for training and certification, updated PSC&RB proficiency training needs to be undertaken every five years. The attendees are required to be fit enough to undertake practical drills in handling inflatable rescue boats, lifeboats and life rafts.


  • PSCRB Course certificate

Documents Required

  • PSCRB Course certificate

  • Valid Medical Certificate (Soft Copy will suffice)

  • Candidates need to bring their Boiler suit and Safety Shoes for Practicals

  • Stamp/Passport size photo in formals,


Dress Code : Collarless T.Shirts, Shorts, Sandals, Bathroom slippers are not permitted for Physical Classes 


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